Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy, host for the CBC's IDEAS program, contemplates the most "sympathetically unselfish" of all the bivalves, the ever sexy "Royal Courtesan" of Marina Island.  Ahhhh, what a PERFECT OYSTER!

Paul Kennedy Paul Kennedy Paul Kennedy
Paul Kennedy eating an oyster on Marina Island, British Columbia.

Old people often tell young people - frequently at a point in their lives when it’s far too late to heed their own good advice - that a person who works with the things he/she loves will almost always certainly find true happiness.

Well, I happen to love oysters.

For me, the initial attraction of eating any fresh oyster is that it ought to taste exactly like the ocean; and even more particularly like the seashore; and even more specifically still, like the inter-tidal beach.

The act of eating a raw oyster, on such an inter-tidal beach, in a month without an R, is ultimately a declaration of unrestricted love for the brine-soaked source of life itself.
To make this show, I had to eat such an oyster.
It’s hard work, but somebody’s got to do it!

- Paul Kennedy

Audio Clips

Adam Colquhon

Listen to Adam Colquhon, owner of Oysterboy restaurant in Toronto, talk about how to eat an oyster.
(clip runs: 47 secs)

Download brent1.mp3.

Playing "brent1".

Brent Petkau

Listen to Brent Petkau, the Oysterman from Cortes Island, British Columbia, talk about how to eat an oyster.
(clip runs: 36 secs)

Download brent22.mp3.

Playing "brent22".









Listen to the whole show.

Download The%20Oyster%20and%20Valentines.mp3.

Playing "The%20Oyster%20and%20Valentines".


Consider the Oyster by M.F.K Fisher, published by North Point Press, 1988.
Oyster by Rebecca Stott, pubished by Reaktion Books, 2004.
The Glorious Oyster edited by Hector Bolitho, published by The Ditching Press, 1960, (out of print).

OystersMFK Fisher quote

Credit: B. Guild

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